Flat feet (Pes Valgus)

All about Flat feet in adults and kids!

Pes Valgus, commonly known as Flat fleet, is a physical deformity wherein arch of the foot crumples allowing the entire sole of the foot coming in contact with the ground. Interestingly, both, adults and children suffer from this medical problem. In case of children, the same condition is referred to as 'Pediatric flat foot'.

As per a rough estimate, about 20-30 percent of the total population suffers from this type of foot deformity. This percentage covers both, people suffering from both, partial and total collapse of arch.

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Flat Feet

Formation of Pediatric flat foot is quite common in infants owing to baby fat which apparently conceals the developing arch. Moreover, diagnosing flat foot at a young age is quite difficult. Hence, parents and elders are advised to keep their eyes open and personally examine their wards from time to time if they see them complaining of pain in foot region consistently.

On the other hand in case of adults, flat feet is mostly the result of an injury, illness or continuous state of stress on the foot. Flawed biomechanics is another possible reason cited for flat feet in adults by medical experts. Women, especially during pregnancy are most susceptible to this form of foot deformity.


The most effective way of detecting flat feet in both adults and kids, is by wetting the foot. This traditional wet footprint test sees the candidate standing on a smooth surface for some time. After he /she leaves the place, the footprint is examined. The degree of foot flatness is determined by the contact area of his/her sole with the surface.