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What is an Orthotic?

Child Being SizedAn orthotic is a prescription device used to correct biomechanical abnormalities, treat foot pathology, alleviate pain and improve gait. There are many commercially-made devices, such as cushioned heel cups or prefabricated insoles for shoes sold over the counter in drug stores or other retail establishments that are simple comfort devices and not technically orthotics.

Prescription orthotics are created using our new state of the art 3-dimensional scanner. This method has low environmental impact and takes only moments to complete. To date, this method is still the most effective as it is non-weight bearing. These scans are sent to a laboratory where an orthotic is created that balances out deformities and corrects misalignments according to a doctor's prescription.

The orthotics are then sized into the patient's shoe to support the foot and correct abnormal foot biomechanics by keeping the foot in its proper position. Orthotics are available in a variety of styles to fit various shoes, with a number of added options to suit each individual need.

Step Ahead offers leading edge treatment approaches and clinical facilities to treat bunions as well as all other foot ailments such as ingrown toenails and offers common foot surgery procedures.

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