I now have every confidence in my ability to carry on as I had.

Dr. Patel is an excellent Podiatrist who was able to fix a number of foot issues I developed over my many years of soldiering. I was initially sent to a different Podiatrist here in Edmonton for a right foot Bunionectomy where it was discovered that I had a Morton's Neuroma in my right foot as well, and for whatever reason he was unable\unwilling to remove it. At this point I was referred to Dr. Patel to remove the Morton's Neuroma and correct a number of other issues with the right foot which had developed. The procedures to correct the issues were successfully and very professionally performed. After the results of Dr. Patel's work I felt very confident in his ability and opted to have my left foot Bunionectomy performed just recently, and so far the recovery is going well. I was quite nervous about my future ability to be able to carry on working effectively on my feet but after being referred to Dr. Patel and the work he's done to correct my foot issues I now have every confidence in my ability to carry on as I had prior to the initial Bunionectomy.

-- Neil Thomson
10 Jan 2016
How "MY BAD FEET" have now become "MY GOOD FEET"

For many years I suffered with bad bunions.

About 1980 I visited a doctor who told me that "I had arthritis in the large joints of my big toes and nothing could be done." Since I had very narrow feet (a 4A width, with a 6A heel) wearing tight shoes was my downfall. My bunions were always very red in color, which looked like arthritis and was painful enough to make me think it was arthritis. Knowing a few ladies who had bunion surgery and were having trouble walking properly after their surgeries, I gave up on any thought of surgery.

On October 2007 my sister had surgery by Dr. Patel, which was a "great success" and which she swore was painless. A short time later she was a participant on a floor curling team.

I then decided I was going to have the opinion of Dr. Patel. Of course, I had to decide which foot I was going to do first. They were both bad, but I thought the left one was worse since my big toe was proceeding underneath the toe next to it. The x-ray certainly confirmed this, and to my astonishment, it also showed that the same thing was happening with the little toe.

In January 2008 Dr. Patel performed surgery on my left foot, removing the bunion on the large joint, on the inside of my left foot, then using a technique known to him, straightened my toe, inserting two screws to hold the bone in position. He then removed the bunion on the outside of my left foot, using the same technique to straighten the little toe with one screw to hold it. Being my first surgery, I chose to have anesthetic. After the surgery it was very important not to put any weight on this foot for a period of about three weeks, and to keep it elevated applying ice or cold packs to reduce any swelling. I must say this surgery was literally "PAINLESS". My foot may have felt somewhat sore, but no throbbing pain and I did not need any pain medication.

In October 2008 Dr. Patel operated on my right foot, removing the bunion on the large joint on the inside of my foot as well as straightening my toe in the same way. Again, I have to stress how this was as well a "Painless" surgery.

After each surgery I went to Physiotherapy just to be sure that I would have the proper mobility in the large joint and in my toes. Many, many times the physiotherapist and the exercise therapist said "How impressed they were with my surgeries". I could walk with no problems and no sore feet.

In January 2009 Dr. Patel operated a second time on my right foot, removing the bunion on the outside of my foot and straightening my little toe, which also was "Painless" surgery. This surgery, and the last one, were done with local freezing.

It won't be long now until I can get both of my feet back into my dancing shoes, and I am most grateful to Dr. Patel!

--Joyce M. Wilson
"Now, I am playing tennis, exercising, walking and dancing!"

Thank you again for removing my bunion. They only "pain" I experienced was being grounded for two weeks. People grimace when I tell them about having my bunion removed. Everyone thinks it is a painful operation. They did not have you do the surgery!

It was amazing. I was in your surgical office at 8:30 am, you put a few needles in my foot, which I did not feel. You should give lessons on 'giving needles'. I sat in a dentist type chair and read my book. When the nurse said we were done at 11 am, I told her I had not finished my book. I followed your instructions to a T.

Now, I am playing tennis, exercising, walking and dancing. I can hardly wait to golf. I do not have a big red "ball" on my foot when I take my shoes off. Speaking of shoes, which I love, I can now try on both shoes and not have to worry about the bunion and no more sore foot, forever.

I am not so sure why I didn't act sooner and get this removed. In the end, it was over in a few hours compared to the years of enduring such an annoying bunion.

If any of your patients have concerns about having this done to their feet, I would be available to talk to them. People do not have to have sore feet for the rest of their lives, life is too short.

Thank you again Dr. Patel!

--Mary Heathfield
"These implants have given my granddaughter a future..."

After my granddaughter took a Personal Care Attendant course and worked for 7 months she was forced to quit. She could barely walk on her very flat feet.

After many pairs of orthotics and foot exercises, Dr. Patel suggested an arch implant. This was done successfully on the left foot and she went back to school for her Licensed Practical nurse training. The practicum proved impossible because her right foot had then worsened. Surgery for a second titanium implant was performed, and after healing she has been working at the University of Alberta Hospital for the past year - even 12 hour shifts! These implants have given my granddaughter a future she never would have had otherwise. She is now planning to proceed with her R.N. training.

Thank you sincerely, Dr. Patel!

--Doreen (grandma)
Follow his instructions and you and your feet will be happy!

I have enjoyed outstanding results with the bunion removal and toe-straightening surgery you performed. It's been almost 2 years now after having bunion surgery on my right foot. I was apprehensive about bunion surgery because of comments from friends about the terrible pain. By following your instructions, I had very little pain.

Thank you. I am so grateful to you for your skills, talents and providing excellent care during my recovery. The incision barely shows.

Shoe shopping is so much easier.

If you are in need of foot surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Patel. Follow his instructions and you and your feet will be happy!

-- Carolle K
Thank you again for your expert care.

I just am writing to you to thank you for your excellent care of my foot! I had recent surgery ( Youngswick decompression) to fix a joint problem and I am very happy with both the results and your pre and post operative care. If I had not found out about you and had listened to another doctor, I would have kept getting cortisone injections in the joint. I was also told that when that didn't work anymore, they could fuse the joint together. Because of podiatry I do not have to consider this option at all.

Thank you again for your expert care,

--Liz Mogenson
The removal of bunion on my right foot.

On May 8, 2009, I attended my first appointment with Dr. Patel to discuss the removal of bunion on my right foot, large toe. At that time, Dr Patel identified my right toe was growing at a 45 degree angle and would also require surgery. I was given a pre-op form to be completed by my family doctor and a requisition for a pre-operation x-ray of the toe requiring the operation.

May 22, 2009, second meeting with Dr. Patel, I provided him with the pre-op form filled out by family doctor, a CD of my right foot x-ray and the deposit for the surgery, which I decided to have on August 10, 2009. I received advice on obtaining post-surgery required crutches and also prescriptions for several medications, I would be requiring before, during and after surgery.

On August 5, 2009, my third Doctor's office meeting with Dr Patel reviewed the final preparations before surgery. Dr. Patel identified the time and location for surgery, what to expect during the procedure, pre and post operation instructions regarding medications. I was instructed to begin prescribed antibiotics one day prior to surgery.

August 10, 2009. Surgery day, arrived at clinic 8:30 a.m., surgery scheduled for 9 a.m. I had been advised to take one Ativan prior to arriving at clinic to relax me. Between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Dr. Patel proceeded with the required injections to the foot, to freeze the area requiring surgery. All went well and I walked to the surgery area where Dr. Patel and an assistant began the operation. During this time, I was aware of everything happening. I had brought my IPOD with me to listen to music. About 10:00 a.m., surgery was complete and I was escorted, by surgery staff, from the clinic. Dr Patel advised me to go home, take two Tylenol with codeine for the pain and to rest for the remainder of the day. I was also informed, no weight bearing on the foot for at least two weeks or more. As instructed, I went home but required only one Tylenol, as I did not experience the pain I had anticipated.

During the August 14, 2009, Doctor's office follow up after surgery and change of bandage/dressing appointment, I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed the work Dr. Patel had done. The foot was swollen, but the bunion was gone and the toe straight. Since my operation, I have had four more follow up appointments with Dr. Patel. I did require some physiotherapy, to the foot due to the fact that I was five weeks, with no weight bearing.

October 15, 2009, walking on a regular basis although distance is still somewhat limited.

--Diane Haley
For 18 months I suffered with my right foot big toe joint - lots of pain and discomfort. Visiting my G.P. became a regular routine, with her telling me that it was bunions and I could get them operated on, but I would have to wait for at least 2 - 3 years just to see an orthopaedic surgeon. So I went on with my life. I am a very active mother of three grown children, running, golfing and of course wearing "PRETTY SHOES". Like most women, we love our shoes, but wearing them and being active became too painful. So when I went back to my G.P. she recommended that I see a podiatrist. That is where Dr. Patel (my saving Grace) came into my life. As soon as he saw my foot he said, "That is no bunion, you have what's called "Hallux Limitus". The solution is a Youngswick Decompression, which is removing some bone and placing a small titanium screw in my big toe.

June 1, 2009 I went in to get my surgery. Dr. Patel put several needles into my foot. 1.5 hours later I was ready to go home. I was to stay off my feet for 2 weeks. A mini vacation he called it, but being on vacation was no walk in the park, being so active I really had to work on having patience. After the 2 weeks I walked a little with the aid of crutches for the next few weeks. I saw Dr. Patel once a week for the first few weeks to make sure things were progressing the way they should and of course my foot healed. EXCELLENT!!

Now it's been almost 7 weeks since my surgery and I'm in physiotherapy and my foot is coming along GREAT!! I do not have the chronic pain I had before, no more bump on my foot and I commented to Dr. Patel the way he sutured my foot the scar is like a cat scratch. You can hardly notice where I had the surgery. So hopefully in a few more weeks of physiotherapy I will be back to my active lifestyle and into my 'PRETTY SHOES!!!"

Thank you again Dr. Patel for giving me a pain free right foot. I would recommend you to anyone who needs and wants expert care in Podiatry!

--Lisa Sorgiovanni
For many years, I have had serious problems with my feet due to arthritis, bunions and hammer toes.

In June 2009, I met with Dr. Patel to discuss my situation, his friendly and competant receptionist working me into an already full business day..

Dr. Patel was extremely professional and friendly and took the time to explain in detail and laymans terms and using visual aids what the problems were and what he could and could not do to correct the situation, as one foot had a major bunion and a suspicious lump while my my right foot was in need of major bone reconstruction due to improper setting.

The first surgery was scheduled for June 2009 and the second November 2009. In both instances, I was provided with excellent care and attention before, during and after the surgeries. My husband and I were provided with all the dates for the pre and post appointments ahead of time and the date and location of the surgery, which was a very modern and well equipped surgery in a convenient location. The surgeries were performed by Dr. Patel supported by another fully qualified foot surgeon. This proved especially beneficial when the first surgery discovered I had a nearly severed tendon and had to carefully repair while still completing the original bone work.

I can now walk much better, and without constant pain. I have looked at the before and after photos and am amazed at both the change and how fast the healing took place.

My extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Patel and his competent staff and those at the surgery site.

--Madeleine Gardner

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