The Moore Balance Brace™ (MBB) is the original balance brace and the only one clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability. The MBB is a custom-made AFO designed to reduce the risk and incidence of falls in the elderly and high-risk populations.The MBB is best utilized in conjunction with a comprehensive fall prevention protocol which may include strength training, certain environmental changes in the home, physical therapy and other related specialties.The MBB is typically prescribed bilaterally.

Heights: Standard 
Closure: Lace, Velcro Strap

Clinical Indications
• Difficulty walking and/or maintaining balance
• History of falls
• Vestibular disorder
• Chronic ankle Instability
• Arthritic ankle
• Stroke Imbalance/foot drop
• Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

• Easy to reach and pull Velcro® straps
• Polypropylene shell providing lightweight, stable support around the foot and ankle
• Low-profile & open dorsal design allows for easy shoe fitting & increased compliance
• Heel stabilizing post maximizing balance & stability
• Lightweight, durable polyester cloth covering
• Custom ankle stabilization providing maximum somatosensory feedback
• Plastazote™ interface providing comfortable shock absorption to the heel, plantar surface & tongue
• Closure available in Velcro or lace
• Available in black and sand

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